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7 Signs of Quality Junk Removal Services

Junk removal services can range from local, single man operations, to national companies with fleets. Here are signs that show you’re dealing with a quality junk removal service.

More than Just Junk Removal

A quality junk removal service will do more than just remove junk. They should also offer trash removal, and services for both residential as well as commercial clients. A well-rounded service will operate far more smoothly and efficiently, no matter the job.

Pricing You Can Understand

Some services have dense pricing schemes that can either confuse you, or cost you more than you thought you would pay. A reputable service will have far simpler pricing; typically based on how much space your junk or trash takes up.

Getting Rid of All of Your Junk or Trash

Some junk removal services won’t pick up certain things. Either they legally cannot, or they won’t pick up things that are inherently hazardous. A good service will let you know what they will not pick up. The service may even direct you towards the proper disposal of those things.

Proper Equipment for the Job

Some removal services cannot pick up certain items simply because they do not have the equipment to do so. A quality junk removal service will have everything they need to pick up, transport, and properly dispose of anything they say they can dispose of.

A Quick Turnaround Time

You shouldn’t wait a week for a roll-off, or several days for a removal service. You’re likely ready to go, or close to it, when you make the call. A quality removal service will have your debris cleaned up and gone in a day or two.

Knowledge of What to Do With the Junk and Trash

A quality service will know how to dispose of trash and debris responsibly. Whether household garbage or business castoffs, the service should have a plan for removing it and bringing it where it belongs. If they’re pushing everything directly to a landfill, they’re doing it wrong.

A Good Reputation and History

These services build their reputations customer by customer. If customers have complaints, or don’t like the service, it won’t stay in business long. Make sure the junk removal service you choose is a reputable one.

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