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Things You can Do to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

The outdoor season is finally beginning, and it is time to enjoy your lawn! All home owners desire to get a lush and green lawn that will make all your neighbors jealous. With a little care, you can achieve this in a matter of weeks. Below are some useful tips to keep your lawn looking green.

Fertilize to get a green healthy lawn
Your lawn requires some essential nutrients so that it stays healthy. This can be achieved by regularly feeding the lawn by use of fertilizers. Lawn fertilizers promote lush growth of the grass while at the same time strengthening the roots and preventing invasive pests and weeds. The three key nutrients your lawn needs are potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. It is advisable to feed your lawn every four or five weeks during summer and spring.

Regular trimming and edging to keep it neat
If you have ornamental boarder plants they can rapidly grow over your lawn if they are not kept in check. You need to regularly prune these plants or else the grass under them will start to die. To keep your lawn looking neat you need a distinctive edge between your lawn and your flower beds. To achieve this clean look you will need to use a moon cutter.

Remove any debris
Over months debris can accumulate on your lawn making it look quite untidy. Removing any debris from the lawn will encourage air flow that will essential to keeping your lawn lush and green. You can easily remove the debris using a rake. By doing so new grass blades will emerge and grow right. Do not rake too hard or you will harm the grass by compromising the root structure of the grass. Raking is not just about removing debris but also about removing dead grass and leaves.

Taking care of your lawn can sometimes be overwhelming. You might feel like there so many rules you need to remember. It does not have to feel like a job. Contact Frisk Services Inc. to ensure your lawn is handled by the professionals.

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